The Asian American Research Initiative (AARI), a project of SF State Asian American Studies Department, conducts community-based research and activities to empower our communities.


Building on the legacy of solidarity and resistance of Asian American Studies at San Francisco State University, AARI engages in community-based research

  • to analyze relevant social issues
  • to disseminate analyses centering the voices of Asian Americans
  • to empower our students and communities
  • to promote social change around race equity


AARI amplifies the voices of Asian Americans and produces knowledge to build a racially just and equitable society where Asian Americans belong, contribute, and flourish.

Core Values and Guiding Principles

We believe in racial justice, so we will prioritize issues that the Asian American community finds relevant.

We believe in equity, so we will uplift those on the margins and act in fairness.

We believe in solidarity, so we will collaborate and work to improve the standing of all groups.

We believe in love, so we will act with empathy and humility.

We believe in self-determination, so we will promote autonomy and responsibility over one’s own life and community.

We believe in empowerment, so we will provide resources and training to mentor students and staff well.


SF State Asian American Studies is a co-founding member of the Stop AAPI Hate coalition along with Chinese for Affirmative Action and the AAPI Equity Alliance.