Organizing for Ethnic Studies Tool Kit

strategies to require and implement Asian American Asian Americans and Critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies

This tool kit provides resources for advocates who want to require Asian American and Pacific Islander content and narratives in K-12 curriculum. 

The tool kit includes

  1. Model Asian American Studies and Critical Pacific Islands and Oceania Studies frameworks
  2. A national map of state legislation requiring AAS or CPIOS
  3. Fact sheets on the benefits of Ethnic Studies
  4. A sample resolution to require and implement Ethnic Studies
  5. Student testimonials of the benefits of Ethnic Studies
  6. Common Strategies to Legislate AAS and CPIOS Requirements in K-12 Curriculum

Status of Asian American Studies Legislation in the U.S.

AAS Legislation

This table shares the status and content of state bills. The table for Ethnic Studies legislation includes bills that specifically require AAS content as well.

Thanks to the Committee of 100 for their research collaboration on AAS legislation.


Content is the curriculum subject that is required to be taught.

  • Specific topic: themes, subjects, and narratives (i.e. racism; JA incarceration; AA authors)
  • History: historic experiences of Asian Americans
  • Contribution: how AAPIs have helped to build the nation and/or local community

Curriculum Development is the entity charged with creating the required AAS and CPIOS curriculum

  • State Board of Ed/Department of Education
  • Teacher self-discretion
  • School self-discretion
  • School board/Board representative
  • Community-based Organization

Funding addresses whether the legislation provides funding for the implementation of AAS and/or CPIOS.

Teacher Training addresses whether the legislation mandates teacher training of any kind.

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Author: Asian American Research Initiative
Date: June 2022

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