Common Strategies in Legislating AAS Requirements

The strategies pursued by successful organizers advocating for Asian American Studies  include employing past, successful legislation for Ethnic Studies and amplifying parent/student voices.

To summarize, the following points highlight themes developed from successful campaigns to legislate Asian American Studies in state and local policymaking bodies. 

  1. Research and model your AAS bill on previous Ethnic Studies legislation that passed.
  2. Partner with legislators to author and advocate for your bill, particularly API legislators or those with large AAPI constituencies.
  3. Build a coalition, starting with AAPI organizations and reaching out to allies of color, faith, and labor
  4. AAPI parents and youth, as well as teachers, are the best spokespersons to testify, make presentations, and write op-eds
  5. Frame issue around anti-AAPI bullying of schoolchildren using Stop AAPI Hate data.
  6. Work with local entities, such as your city council or school district board, to pass resolutions and endorsements in support of Ethnic Studies.

Common Strategies in Successful Campaigns to Require Asian American Studies in K-12 Curriculum

Author: Asian American Research Initiative
Date: May 2022