Benefits of Ethnic Studies Fact Sheet

Ethnic Studies is the interdisciplinary study of race and ethnicity that centers on the histories, voices,
and issues of communities of color. It examines the narratives, histories and issues of minoritized
communities and improves their academic agency, especially among students at risk. It also benefits
white students, who gain 21st century skills for a diverse society.

The five benefits of Ethnic Studies are listed below:

  1. Promotes 21st Century Skills: Critical thinking, Communications, and Cultural Competencies
  2. Increases academic performance–attendance, GPA, and credits earned
  3. Improves race relations by addressing racial differences and similarities
  4. Reduces stereotypic attitudes
  5. Builds civic engagement for an inclusive democracy

Read more in the Fact Sheet (PDF) below.

Benefits of Ethnic Studies Fact Sheet

Author: Asian American Research Initiative
Date: May 2022